Tesco Pay+ App Design

Working within the Pay+ team for a few years, I led the complete rebrand of the product and worked towards implementing new features for growing users of the app. With a small design team, it was a very hands-on role that meant I was involved with every aspect of design.

Leading the Rebrand

I led a small team to rebrand the PayQwiq app to Tesco Pay+. This involved a complete overhaul of the app and I worked closely with the developers to ensure my design system was implemented correctly.

Future Features

Working in parallel to the rebrand, I also produced conceptual designs to illustrate the future roadmap and features of the app. This would presented to members of the bank board in an animated video which I produced.

User Testing

With a live app, it was important to listen to customer feedback and create quick prototypes for user testing sessions. These would be tweaked according to the findings and worked up into high fidelity designs.

Animation to the Rescue

I introduced to use of Lottie to the app, which was used to add meaningful animation across the app to enhance the user experience. It was most effective when used for the tutorial animations to help users use the app.